Digital Twin for production facility

As the Covid-19 pandemic put restrictions on international travel Omletec was approached to come up with innovative ways in which to still show case facilities without the need for travel.

Using technology as the solution to this problem Omletec produced a digital twin of a production facility allowing people to virtually walk around the entire facility without leaving the comfort of their office chair.

Manufacturing Performance Visibility

Abax10 is a real time production line data collection system that has been designed to remove the complexity & cost associated with equipment monitoring systems.

Designed & developed by Omletec, this plug & play Cloud based IoT solution gives a secure, real time view of manufacturing performance anywhere in the world, on any device.

Microsoft Dynamics ERP Implementation

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is a enterprise ERP system that runs in the Microsoft cloud as Software-as-a-Service.

After a number of ERP projects ran into difficulties Omletec was asked to take over the management of the project, reorganise the team, re-evaluate the requirements, rework the implementation strategy and ensure a successful implementation.

5 Year Strategic Planning

In coordination with the CIO and other members of the senior leadership team of a global pharmaceutical company, Omletec worked through the existing I.T. landscape, gathered the business requirements, aligned the direction of I.T. to match that of the company and produced a fully integrated 5 year IT plan that now forms the backbone of the companies digital transformation strategy.