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One monthly fee covering all your IT costs that you can scale up and down to suit the needs of your business. Leveraging the latest cloud technology we can setup and deploy your virtual IT department in minutes giving you the tools you need to operate in the modern world.

The basic, standard and professional packages are designed for start-ups, small businesses or individuals. The 3 services included in the basic package; user account management, enterprise email system & domain admin combined to give the essential IT services needed by any business. Then the standard package builds on those essential services and introduces the essential software businesses need to operate (accountancy software, word, excel etc). With the professional package adding websites and a phone system we believe that gives you the same level of services a traditional onsite IT department provides at a fraction of the cost.

Finally, the enterprise package is designed for slightly bigger companies that need to introduce IT leadership into their business or start-ups that are technology based but maybe lack real IT industry experience.

We haven't included sourcing hardware or network equipment within an office space, but we advise on this topic free of charge as part of our offering with any package purchased. All packages include both license and service costs which are fixed depending on the number of users. Depending on the package there may be additional consumption costs, for example within the professional package we offer a phone system which has a fixed cost per user but there is a variable monthly cost for making calls.

We offer fixed packages from a little as £90 per month but we can tailor the packages to suit your individual needs. If you are unsure what you need why not contact us and one of our friendly members of staff, we happily arrange a free consultation to talk through all the options.



From £90
  • User account management
  • Enterprise email system
  • Domain admin


From £250
  • Standard plus...
  • Professional Phone System
  • Professional website


From £750
  • Professional plus...
  • IT Leadership as a Service
  • Strategic & financial IT planning